Cake Portion Guide

Knowing the right size to get for your cake is important. You do not want to get too much cake, or worse, not enough. Most people find it difficult to get it right, so we are here to try and make it a little bit simpler.

How much cake is in a portion?

A cake portion is a piece of cake served for one person. The size of the portion will depend on how you cut the cake and what occasion you are cutting it for. 

Typically you would either serve a dessert slice or coffee/finger slice. These can be halved further if needed. Unless otherwise requested, our cakes will come as four layers, and this will help with portioning of your cakes.

Dessert slices would be served at birthday celebrations or at occasions where  the cake is being served as part of the dessert.

A coffee or finger slice is typically served at weddings or afternoon tea.

The chart below shows how you can cut your cake to get the desired portions, and what size cake to order for the desired numbers.